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Flexible Bush

Flexible bush Silentflex®The flexible bush Silentflex® (as know as Silentblock) has a rubber element enclosed between two metal sleeves. It's conceived to replace a greased bush when is necessary to limit vibrationwear and noises in mechanic assemblies.


The bush is characterized by the permissible:


  • Radial static force and a corresponding eccentricity
  • Maximum torsion angle α and a corresponding compensating torque
  • Axial load and a corresponding elastic displacement
  • Conical angle and a corresponding compensating torque


Flexible bush Silentflex®These flexible rubber to metal bushes are excellent as shock absorbers and high frequency vibration isolation elements, also to reduce friction and eliminate play between moving parts. Are used in mobile appliances and machines or between mechanic parts that shall be flexible in relation to each other. Are generally installed for all types of assembly must withstand axial thrust, radial, torsion or conical, advantageously replacing the hinges.


In automotive are used at both ends of the shock absorbers as excellent components for suspension bushing, to support combustion engines in vehicles, vibrating tables, construction machinery, industrial machinery (milling machines, lathes, drilling, etc.), military vehicles, food industry, cutting granite machines, sieves, strainers, quarries, aggregate screening, etc.

Additional Info

  • Material: Stainless steel, Rubber
  • Aplicaciones: combustion engines, military vehicles & equipment, construction machinery & equipment, manufacturing machines, vibrating tables, cutting granite looms, sieves, strainers, quarries machinery, gravel pits, aggregate screening, food industry, canning

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